Update on Public Water for Intercourse Village Growth Area

Why Public Water:

When the Watson Run Development was starting construction a water system was to be installed. After the wells were drilled the water tests showed a contaminant in the water (Trichloroethylene). The level was higher than the federal drinking water standards so DEP launched an investigation into where it came from and how wide spread the problem was. After about 5 years of investigation they could not identify the source of the problem but did show that the pollution was scattered through the area and in spots of concentration were very high. DEP determined that the only solution to the problem was to install a public water system in the area. After several years of planning by the department with many delays due to circumstances out of their control the first of 2 contracts was released for bid. This contract is for the in ground piping and curb stops at each property and was awarded to Wexcon Inc. The second contract that has not been put out for bid yet, will include the water plant, water tower, well buildouts and the connection of all the properties. There is no way to tell when this contract will be put out for bid. It is being held up because there is no completed budget for the State. It will take around two years to complete the construction. From the issuing of the notice to proceed with the second contract, it will be approximately six months after the bid is put out. At that time, DEP will operate the system for one year before turning it over to the Leacock Township Municipal Authority.

It should be noted that this is not a Township project. It is a State DEP project required because of the water quality issues in the area. The Township will not be the final decision maker until the system is turned over to us one year after completion. The Township is working with DEP and the contractor in an advisory role only.

We understand that there will be some inconvenience as this project proceeds and ask for your patience and cooperation with the contractors and all parties associated with this project. This will be a long project and test everyone's patience and endurance. Watch for future updates under Public Awareness – "Public Water System Updates".